About Tent

The core design team for Vinetree’s resorts is the Vinetree’s branch company – Yunnan Yingdi Landscape Design Co. Ltd.  This is the China’s first real design agency specializing in tent resorts and ecological tourism. Long before the tents were designed, core members of the design company investigated more than 50 resorts in different countries, they learned, mastered and improved on the methods of tent design for different altitudes, climates and environments. Due to the higher elevation of the resorts, where the climate changes frequently and  it is cold, Vinetree Geladan uses heavy-duty tents, which are very well suited for and resistant damage caused by strong high altitude winds, heavy rain and snow storms.  The tent’s main structure is made of steel and is connected by bolts, each individual part measures 2.4 meters in length, which is convenient for both transportation and installation. Vinetree already have the patent for Geladan Tents


Vinetree Geladan’s fairy tale like landscape resort has long been talk by its peers In the design industry. In the design process for the interior, the concept of mixing nature into the decoration is consistently employed by the interior designers, and it also broke the traditional common logic of tent interior design. The interior design of Vinetree  Geladan is unique and special.