Public Welfare

The Power of Action

Ever since 2009 the start of Vinetree, our team has been constantly exploring ecological ways to travel, making sure people not only protect the local environment to the greatest extent possible, but also bring travelers rich experiences. We aim to harmonize people, the environment and the local community along with the development of culture. We believe that every good wish is a seed, it will sprout grow and produce good fruit. Every sacrifice makes our world a better place.


If you have any good ideas related to nature preservation, please feel free to tell us: Send an email with the title of public welfare to, we will carefully consider your contributions to public welfare undertakings.

- Environmental Protection Activities - 
Vinetree is committed to environmental protection activities, striving to maintain the natural conditions of the region, while hosting locals and tourists alike. We encourage people to love the environment, while protecting and preserving our resources.
- Social Responsibility - 
Poverty alleviation and career education have always been a concern for Vinetree. We do our best to help children and poor people's daily life in western China by hiring and training local staff. We advocate self-improvement so that people can stay optimistic about a better life.
- Cultural Inheritance - 
Another one of Vinetree’s goals is to discover and preserve ethnic traditional culture resources for cultural promotional projects. To help more people understand the value of our national culture and better cherish it. These cultures should not disappear and we need to do our best to keep them alive.